Transformation and Advisory Services


TecFinics’ Transformation & Advisory services focus on the business outcomes and the measurable business value delivered to our customers, by addressing the IT and business agendas together. We work directly with CIOs and others to create a more effective IT organization. This allows IT to drive process efficiencies throughout the organization and better support and deliver transformational business change.

Technology Strategy & Portfolio Optimization:

Application Portfolio Optimization services at TecFinics follow a structured approach to optimize the IT applications and assets of the customer organization to maximize the value of the portfolio. TecFinics assesses the application portfolio to identify opportunities for optimizations, implement optimization initiatives and continuously govern the application portfolio. TecFinics assists its customers in identifying applications within their portfolio which can be considered for consolidation and thus reducing the costs of application management and improving the efficiency.

Merger & Acquisition Advisory:

TecFinics offers a comprehensive range of Merger and Acquisition services to help customers identify strategic opportunities, develop and execute integration plans, including Business due diligence, Integration strategy review and Post-merger integration program management. TecFinics team has extensive consulting, technology and outsourcing expertise, to steer smooth and efficient integration.

Program Management & Governance:

TecFinics offers program level governance and oversight services that provide a framework to manage all of the disparate elements of an organization. Program management plays a significant role in ensuring that all projects meet operational, cost, budget, and time-related goals. In a complex business renovation scenario, effective program management can help control and manage cross-dependencies across multiple project implementations. TecFinics has the required program management leadership in the most critical and demanding business scenarios.

RFP Advisory:

The competitive environment and changing business dynamics require the customer to seek services from external service providers or vendors, to achieve their business goals and the initial step is to develop a Request for Proposal (RFP). An RFP has to be realistic and specific. TecFinics has significant expertise in both drafting and in the evaluation of the RFPs, assisting the customers both in proposing solutions and in the decision making process.

Transition and Knowledge Transfer:

TecFinics’ business transition delivers a predictable, scalable & performance oriented operational platform and service delivery. In a transition activity, TecFinics follows a holistic approach to transition, that encompasses people, process, technology, organization’s cultural and compliance factors too. The growing demand for outsourcing a strategically important process as part of transformational outsourcing; highlights the importance of knowledge transfer. TecFinics’ proven knowledge management process helps ensure effective knowledge transfer during the transition. TecFinics' Knowledge management framework ensures sustainability and continuous improvement.

Process Consulting:

TecFinics’ Quality Process Consulting offers process improvement services that span the entire continuum ranging from Process definition, Implementation & Training to Process assessments for Model and Non-Model based improvement initiatives. TecFinics’ Quality consultants, have considerable experience in Project Management, Software Engineering, Models like CMMI, ITIL, ISO etc. They bring with them practical implementation experience of various processes that best fits client’s IT environment.

Regulatory / Compliance:

TecFinics’ Regulatory & Compliance Services focus on helping organizations address regulatory requirements related to their business activities and strategic objectives in an effective and cost-efficient manner. We help our customers to implement compliance standards, to educate their workforce and to detect any potential violations. We also assist our customers in addressing the identified compliance issues, interacting with regulatory authorities, and responding to inquiries, investigations and other regulatory actions.

Risk and Advisory Services:

We offer our clients an end-to-end solution for all their Risk Advisory needs. We offer a custom built product for Risk Analytics and Visualization, which will soon be made available to our clients either as a product or as a service offering.

Sarbanes-Oxley Act (2002), introduced major changes to the regulation of corporate governance and financial practice. It has set a number of non-negotiable deadlines for compliance. This legislation sought to provide investor confidence by qualifying the adequacy of the companies’ internal controls and processes. Specifically, Section 404 of the legislation requires the management and the external auditors of such companies to assess and certify the adequacy of their Internal Control over Financial Reporting (ICFR).

TecFinics enables its clients to reduce their risk of failure to achieve compliance whilst avoiding the investment to build the capability required; by providing the services of its multi-disciplinary team through TecFinics’ proven robust solutions framework approach.

TecFinics solutions framework:

The framework has a blueprint to document the approach for testing controls. This includes key objectives to ensure effective testing, consistency in approach, efficiency in execution. It also contains process-wise approach with detailed effort and time estimation. The key items of the framework are setting up the approach to compliance testing, communications management, training personnel. It also includes assessing the adequacy of process documentation, calibration of processes across regions, testing control performance through various metrics, collaboration with process owners to mitigate deficiencies, reporting and conclusion of effectiveness.

Our Approach:

TecFinics assigns teams with requisite skill sets, trained in the ICFR related processes to conduct SOX compliance testing for business units across.