Testing Center of Excellence


Software Testing requires a tight focus. Managing the testing activity in-house can be challenging and costly due to the lack of expertise and tight schedules. Using our proven methodology, consultants with in-depth domain knowledge and vast experience across various testing tools; we enable clients achieve a faster time -to-market with improved quality.

Testing Service Offerings

  • Cards & Payments
  • Core Banking Transformations
  • Mobile Applications
  • Consulting
  • Staff Augmentation

Functional Testing

Functional Testing is performed to verify that a software application performs and functions correctly according to the design specifications. This could span from basic functionality tests to an in depth verification of complex operations. TecFinics performs systematic testing of functionalities to ensure the quality and integrity of application features and functionality. The functional testing approach could be manual or a combination of manual and automation as needed.

Regression Testing

TecFinics' uses the cost-benefit regression model to define the regression test strategy that strikes a fine balance between test selection and defect detection. It prioritizes testing in a manner that minimizes the risk of defect leakage to production. TecFinics regression testing approach ensures maximum test coverage with minimum number of test cases leading to minimal cost of appraisal and risk.

Compatibility Testing

Enterprises have varied applications running on varied Operating Systems (UNIX, Windows, etc.) accessing data from varied Databases (SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, etc) with varied interfaces via varied Network configurations(Firewalls, Proxies, etc) compatible with various browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc). TecFinics' compatibility testing approach verifies that the product functions as expected on a wide variety of hardware, software, and network configurations which are planned on an identified set of compatibility combinations.

Systems Integration Testing

The need for System Integration Testing arises when there is a need for customization of software products or adding new interfaces to applications or when making enhancements to existing software applications. TecFinics' System Integration testing approach ensures that new releases of a software application are integrated completely with the existing application(s) and that the customer’s business needs are met.

User Acceptance Testing

TecFinics' works closely with its customers right from the requirements definition phase to effectively participating and managing the user acceptance testing phase. TecFinics' approach is from the business user perspective, to validate end-to-end business process, system transactions and user access, to confirm that the system or application is “functionally fit for use and behaves as expected. Also, identifies the gaps where user needs are either not included or not rightly interpreted in the system.

Release Testing

A release could either be a major release or a minor release or a patch release. All of these require an impact assessment and an appropriate testing strategy. TecFinics release testing approach includes a combination of Business Process testing, Functional testing, Regression testing etc as needed to ensure stability and quality of the product when it is released.

Migration Testing

The key challenge in a migration is that the customers reap the desired outcomes without any disruption. TecFinics' migration testing approach includes a combination of testing types, testing techniques and testing tools to ensure successful migration of Standards, Database or Technology as needed.

Test Automation

TecFinics' uses a robust test automation framework, a more effective and efficient Test automation strategy that ensures better ROI through the complete application life cycle. TecFinics does an objective assessment of the current ROI and helps our customers to maximize it with an optimum level of test automation. Test engineers at TecFinics have automation expertise across different tools including Selenium, Test Maker Rational Functional Tester, Rational, WinRunner and Quick Test Pro.

Performance Testing

TecFinics' uses a structured testing approach that includes advanced techniques, and appropriate performance testing tools, for different applications, technologies and environments to reduce the risks of performance failure. TecFinics' performance testing services includes Load and Stress testing, Scalability and Volume testing, Fail-over and Resilience testing.

Usability Testing

TecFinics follows a systematic approach to Usability testing, identifying how people interact with the product, collecting information about the specific ways in which the application is easy or difficult for them to learn and use to ensure that the product is easy for the user to use.

Localization Testing

The main goal of Internationalization and Localization testing is to ensure compatibility and consistency across all localized versions. TecFinics' approach for localization testing includes verification and validation of content, language, symbols, and terminology that ensures cultural sensitivity and alignment to local needs.

Security Testing

TecFinics' uses a combination of security code review with Web Application Penetration Testing to provide a comprehensive coverage for addressing vulnerabilities in customer’s applications. TecFinics' security testing services include Penetration testing, Security code review and Risk Analysis.