TecFinics’ consultants bring in a wealth of knowledge and experience of the telecommunications industry by virtue of engaging with the world’s leading equipment vendors and service providers.

Product Life Cycle Management for existing EMS and NMS products

  • Developing a Dashboard to present a snapshot of the Network Element Objects (Tools - FCAPS, Web based & Desktop based)
  • Development of windows based element manager for commissioning, software download, configuration, alarms management
  • Offline configuration planning

Consolidation of various element Managers

  • Integration with Advent Net Web NMS Server

Framework and Non-Framework based on EMS and Network Agent Products

  • UI Framework
  • JAAS (Authentication and Authorization)
  • Deliver a highly scalable dashboard supporting thousands of nodes and monitoring millions of data records
  • The Dashboard will be re-usable with multiple data sets requiring a very pluggable architecture

Network Management Console

  • Developed using XML based Widgets
  • Integration with FCAPS is through XML aggregated through SOAP interface
  • NE integration (TL1, SNMP, CORBA, CLI, XML)

OTA Provisioning

  • Provisioning of Services on Handsets
  • Integration with Intelligent Networks
  • Billing Integration - OSS/BSS

Other Services

  • Subscriber Management Portal
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Business engine for OTA provisioning